Digital Life Artist promotes a more natural, efficient, environment-friendly, and flexible work and lifestyle  through the seamless integration and use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) devices, software, and paperless practices.
The paperless office has arrived, and today's technological developments and new economic trends make the electronic lifestyle more relevant than ever. 
Today's marketplace features an overwhelming variety of devices, and guidance on the optimal integration of these is largely nonexistent. How can you combine devices to achieve seamless and flawless operations? 


  enjoy paperless

Johns Hopkins University highlights a paperless office as an example of environment-friendly work practice.
Why are many homes to curtail use of paper, while most offices are flooded with the stuff? (NY Times)
Continuing their campaign to draw attention to the cost of textbooks, the Student Public Interest Research Group celebrated....
New technologies and products designed to keep homes more efficient and clutter free.... (NY Times)

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